Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a girl………

…and the fairy tale goes on to fantastic adventures, of bravery and courage, battles and wars fought in the name of beauty, virtue and greed. The children who are banished by their own parents, and in so doing come back stronger, wiser, richer and usually with a well bestowed companion. The evil are punished and the good receive rewards as a measure of justice. The wicked are devoid of any goodness and the virtuous ones are completely free from vice. 

Are they just stories of an over-imaginative and sometimes dark mind, or do they conceal high secrets and deeper meanings that are veiled for the ordinary observer.

Join us on this unique exploration, as we study and attempt to grasp the deeper meaning in the folk tales, fables and legends handed down to us from the Ancients. In each article, we will delve deeper into the esoteric meaning of an ancient fable or folk tale and seek to understand the essence concealed in the symbology.

In the spirit of my Teacher, GMCKS, do not get stuck with the finger. Remember to look at the moon the finger is pointing at. Beyond the obvious symbology, great mysteries lie concealed!

“Let those who have eyes to see, See, and those who have ears to hear, Hear!”

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