Can we continue with medical treatment while taking Pranic Healing?

Yes. Pranic Healing works on the energy body and aims at balancing the energy processes of the body while the orthodox medicine deals with healing of the physical body. Therefore Pranic Healing not only does not interfere but also best complements the medical treatment. In Pranic Healing we believe in an integrated approach to healing. [...]

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Are there any spiritual workshops in Pranic healing?

Pranic Healing is a bridge to spirituality by clearing the aura from negative and unwholesome thoughts and emotions. Pranic Healing is basically a preparation for the higher spiritual workshops including Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul and Arhatic Yoga workshops. Arhatic Yoga provides a path to arhatship or sainthood. It involves advanced purifications, meditations and [...]

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What is the Meditation on Twin Hearts?

This Meditation on Twin Hearts is a 20-minute guided meditation aims at achieving peace and illumination. It is also a way of service to the world by increasing harmony and peace through blessing the earth with loving-kindness. During this meditation, the Heart and Crown chakras get activated, which allows tremendous amount of divine energy enter [...]

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What are the Pranic healing courses?

The healing courses start with Basic Pranic Healing that serves as a foundation for the science of complementary therapy. It then follows by Advanced Pranic Healing, which involves the application of color pranas in treating various ailments. The rate of recovery accelerates tremendously by using color pranas. Pranic Psychotherapy is the 3rd level that introduces [...]

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