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Donations for Ochre Hearts are managed by the registered charitable trust – The Ochre Tree. All donations are subject to exemption under section 80G. Please find below, our currently active campaigns. You can donate for a specific project or make a regular donation for the trust.
  1. Every Breath Matters

    #EveryBreathMatters: Donating Portable ventilators with approval of MoHFW to increase the reach with which life saving help can be given to people in urgent need#EveryBreathMatters: donating Portable ventilators with approval of MoHFW to increase the reach with which life saving help can be given to people in urgent need. Each machine is priced at Rs.3,50,000/-. Donors have the option of donating the entire amount for a machine or pay any amount towards the cost of one. When paying for an entire ventilator, the donor / organization / family will be entitled to have their chosen branding displayed on the machine.
  2. Surgical Scrubs for Hospitals

    3 COVID-19 hospitals in Mumbai are in need of 6000 surgical scrubs. It costs Rs.525/- for each scrub. This is what Doctors wear under the PPE. We have raised donations for 500 scrubs. We still need Rs.28,87,500/- for the remaining scrubs. You can donate to Ochre Tree, who is facilitating the manufacture for these scrubs. Donors will get an exemption certificate under 80G of the Income Tax Act. Doctors and medical technicians are being given 4 scrub sets per person.
  3. Help Frontline Health Workers

    We are happy to announce that Ochre Hearts along with a group of doctors is starting another drive for frontline healthcare workers, to provide them essentials, during these times. The supplies mentioned below are the requirement from the hospital . Our procurement vendors are approved by the Government designated COVID hospital and strictly adhering to the norms specified by the hospital and Govt. Please Donate Generously.
  4. Delhi Centre Donation

    Help give back. This amount is used to provide the regular activities at the Centre including online sessions, meditations and feeding and other charitable programs sponsored by the centre.
  5. Mumbai Centre Donations

    Use this option to contribute your regular donations for the running of the centre. These are also used to sponsor meditation sessions both online and in person and for promoting free or subsidized classes for the needy.
  6. Education and Children

    Please use this option to donate for primary or higher education and projects related to wellbeing for children. Like most Ochre Hearts projects, we look to creating long term value for many as opposed to a few.

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