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Basic Pranic healing is the entry level course for all further healing related courses. It teaches the participants the fundamentals of the energy world, its laws and principles and how to work with them. You understand an “Aura” and its different layers, “Chakras”, “Nadi’s/Meridians” and how they affect your physical health and well being.

One of the fundamental values Pranic healing is based on is “Don’t believe anything blindly”. In this spirit, a technique taught in the Level 1 class itself, called Scanning enables the participants to use experience or sense the energy with their own hands and be able to tell where the energy field is congested or depleted.

Additionally participants learn to use all the techniques of Pranic Healing in order to do self healing as well as distance healing.

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Advanced Pranic Healing represents a breakthrough in understanding of colours and how they affect you. The course teaches the participants on how to generate colours for healing, what the properties of these colours are and how they affect the aura and chakras. This course, like all other Pranic healing courses is experiential in nature and the participants practice and apply the teachings, while learning the same.

Most participants are amazed at learning about the colours and how much more effective and quicker their healing becomes with colours.

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Pranic Psychotherapy delves into the nature of the human mind and emotions, and involves the application of Pranic healing techniques on them. The course deals with understanding thought forms, entities and elementals and how to scan them and how to heal one of them. The participants learn about the existence, nature and impact of these energies, and how to use colour pranas effectively to neutralise them. One also learns the nature and quality of different types of energies such as anger, fear, anxiety and stress and how to heal them. Also, the understanding of relationships and how to heal to improve them is covered in the course.

Most participants experience a deep psychological cleansing and relief by just attending the class, and are amazed at its potential for impacting human temperament.

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Psychic self defense teaches participants on the nature of harmful energies existing in our homes and environment and how to deal with them. The course deals with thought entities, egregious, the nature and means of psychic attacks and how to neutralise them. Shielding on different levels to protect oneself or another from spiritual, mental and emotional control / dominion and physical harm and danger is taught. The techniques taught in the course are simple and easy to practice, bringing with it the power of enormous protection and empowerment for the practitioner and their loved ones, including their property and valuables.

Practitioners learn to protect themselves and other people and objects from harm or negative energies on all levels. Truly empowering.

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