Project Description

Pranic Psychotherapy

This in depth workshop teaches principles and techniques to quickly and safely release negative and traumatic energies to address the mind-body connection.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Advanced healing techniques to alleviate emotional/mental issues.
  • Learn Self-Healing techniques for anxiety, irritability, grief and others.
  • Learn how to repair holes, cracks and other damages to the energy body, aura, chakras and protective webs due to psychological traumas.
  • Learn how to shield the aura and chakras from negative thoughts and emotions from people and places.
  • Learn advanced stress management techniques.
  • Stop smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse through Pranic Healing.
  • Learn methods to disintegrate negative psychic energies that cause traumas, phobias, stress, compulsions/obsessions, depression, violent and paranoid behavior, hallucinations and many more.