Terms and Conditions

  • Offering 30 minute (approx) sessions for healing online.
  • The session booking amount is non-refundable.
  • Please note that your appointment will only stand confirmed after the payment.
  • The sessions will be conducted online, via zoom.
  • Timing not convenient for you? Book a regular Healing Appointment Here

Testimonials – 

  • Thank you for the healing.Before the session I was in a miserable state of mind with negative thoughts flowing for my mother in law and sister in law.Was feeling frustrated and trapped in the family politics and wasn't getting any rescue.After the healing session I was relaxed,had no other feeling but in the evening suddenly felt light with no negative thoughts.Everything just faded and was feeling happy and rejuvenated. Positive, fearless & confident. Also went down for a walk for the first time after lockdown!! Thank you very much for the amazing session🙏🙏

    Online Participant

  • I would really like to thank Shivani Hariharan for the very unique healing session of synthesis of possibilities!! I felt so loved, it was like the child in me received all the motherly touches & loads of love!! It felt like whatever I was deprived of since eternity, I got finally nourished! After the session my body was in pain, but soon it all got released. And after that the soul in me felt like dancing n doing all the moves!! I also felt like learning karate!! Doing everything intuitively, differently, like never before... I felt my healing capabilities were enhanced... I just knew when what to do, without following all the steps / protocols... and got very good results! In lesser time than usual healings happened... & n I just knew there was something that is resolved for sure! It's amazing how I just started following what I really feel like doing & enjoying it! Thank you so much for making it all so easy , n enhancing my abilities, to follow my own inner guidance!!

    Shweta Totuka

  • I would like to thank the healer for doing my Healing day before yesterday. It was super effective and showed results immediately, so much I can't clearly remember what was the issue. It's funny and mystic, I finished the Healing session with a big smile on my face and lot of happiness in my heart.
    I felt so relaxed and took a small nap post the session.

    Thank you once again for the quick healing. Lots of love and light to you 😇🙏🏼❤


  • I couldn't much make out immediately after the session ,I wanted to give myself couple of days.I must admit it did make a difference. Iam feeling better in my headache and head feels lighter. My breathing is also better..Thanks to the healer Rashid Gulati.

    Poonam Franco

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