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A highly professional, experienced and well trained team of healers. We have an excellent record in healings ranging from health issues to phobias, addictions, relationships and finances. We can help you with most areas of your life. 

Pranic Healing is a no-touch, drug free healing therapy which works on the holistic nature of the body. The system is complementary to any conventional medicine and is free from any side effects.

Physical Ailments and Diseases

We can help you on ailments and diseases ranging from minor sniffles, flu’s and infections to more chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis and even cancer. Pranic healing works on the understanding that the aura / energy body (also called the inner aura) which serves as a mould to the physical body, is the blueprint for the body and serves to vitalise the organs and processes in the body. Any distortion in this energy field manifests as diseases ranging from simple or acute to chronic and debilitating. If the energy body can be cured / normalised, the physical body follows and along with the symptoms, the cause of the disease itself is eliminated. 



A relationship between two people is about the energy they share with one another. Distortions in the form of pent-up emotions, pre conceived ideas and biases lead to deterioration in the relationships. These in turn lead to health and other difficulties if left uncorrected over a period of time. Since Pranic Healing works on the energy, using the techniques of Pranic Healing we can harmonise the energies between people and help to bring about improved relationships, love and harmony between people. Relationship healing can be used for spouses, parent and child, siblings, friends. 


Career and Finance

“Like energy attracts like energy”. Based on this simple but very real and powerful law in the universe, our finances and careers are a result of the quality and frequency of the energy in our aura and chakras. By healing the energy body, the blocks, beliefs and thought forms that attract ill luck / poor finances and financial management can be gradually transformed to good luck, prosperity and abundance. 


Emotional and Psychological Healing

What causes a person to be depressed? Why are some people unable to overcome an addiction? What about fears and phobia’s? Anxiety? Stress – one of the most frequently quoted factors for chronic ailments. Those who suffer from these psychologocal imbalances struggle desperately but usually unsuccessfully to rise above them. But what really causes these problems? And why are some of us more susceptible to them than others? The answers to these questions lie in the psychological aspect of the aura and chakras. Just the way the energy body affects our body, its condition also affects our mind and emotions. Balancing and harmonising the aura and chakras and removing the underlying energies which are the cause of these imbalances, restores mental peace and equilibrium to the person. Pranic Psychotherapy is a priceless tool, as more and more people acknowledge today that the cause of most ailments is an underlying psychological belief or thinking pattern. 


Feng Shui and Space Cleansing

The spaces and environments we inhabit affect us and our energy field. Like a fish that lives in water and is subject to its condition, we too are not immune to the condition of this ocean of energy that we live in. With our Feng Shui and space cleansing services, we can help you align the energy of your home or workplace to achieve your personal goals. So whether you believe your home / office is unlucky, attracts negative energies or you could just do with more “Good Luck”, this would be the service for you.