• A highly professional, experienced and well trained and dedicated team of healers.

  • An excellent leadership team and Senior Healers for supervising all Healings.

  • An excellent record in healings ranging from health issues to phobias, addictions, relationships and finances. 

Pranic Healing is a no-touch, drug free healing therapy which works on the holistic nature of the body. The system is complementary to any conventional medicine and is free from any side effects.

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Healing From Hypo-Thyroid
Healer: Shivani Hariharan

I was introduced to Pranic Healing by my close school friends who were ardent followers. Before meeting Shivani, I was very apprehensive about the entire process and working of Pranic Healing. However, the first time I met her and the few key things she told me about my inner self and being instantly made me connect with her and established a bond.

I went to her to get my thyroid treated. I was on the borderline but had to still take a 25 mg dose everyday. The best of endocrinologists said that thyroid can never be removed from the root and I will need to be on medication all my life. However, Shivani proved them all wrong. With just 12-15 sittings, I was thank fully totally cured of the disease.

She explained to me how my thyroid was the cause of a deep rooted emotion and once I learn to deal with it and she helps me get rid of it from the root I could be totally cured. With regular meditations and sessions, my thyroid test results started improving and finally reached the required optimum level. (PFA, the before and after reports.)

Within 3 months, I was cured of a disease which according to modern science could never be totally cured. Thankfully, it's been 5 years and the disease has not yet returned. I am very grateful to Shivani for the same.

This experience made my belief in Pranic Healing much stronger and urged me to learn the process and method myself. Today, I can proudly proclaim that I am an Arhatic Pranic Healer, all thanks to Shivani, my nurturer and guardian.

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Chronic Sinusitis
Healer: Shivani Hariharan

I have had chronic sinus problem for past several years. It was difficult to breathe normally. I tried various treatments - such as allopathy, ayurvedic, homoeopathy. I even thought of going for surgical treatment.
I happened to speak to a healer at The Ochre Tree, about this and they helped me with treatment for the sinus. After having 6 healings I started feeling much better. The inflammation had reduced almost 70%. I am now feeling very much better in breathing.
I also had lower back pain problem for several years and I noticed that the same had also improved considerably.
I think more and more people should go for PRANIC HEALING treatment and improve their lifestyle.

Physical Ailments and Diseases

We can help you on ailments and diseases ranging from minor sniffles, flu’s and infections to more chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, tuberculosis and even cancer. Pranic healing works on the understanding that the aura / energy body (also called the inner aura) which serves as a mould to the physical body, is the blueprint for the body and serves to vitalise the organs and processes in the body. Any distortion in this energy field manifests as diseases ranging from simple or acute to chronic and debilitating. If the energy body can be cured / normalised, the physical body follows and along with the symptoms, the cause of the disease itself is eliminated. 


Body Contouring and Weight Loss

Struggling with weight, tried every diet and exercise regime. Maybe the missing element has been the energy body or the Aura. Deep in our chakras and aura are hidden psychological limitations and beliefs in the form of negative thoughts and emotions. These prevent us from achieving success in our endeavours, especially those pertaining to our weight and wellness goals. Book a healing appointment and experience the jumpstart you have been waiting for, to achieve your target weight or body shape.



A relationship between two people is about the energy they share with one another. Distortions in the form of pent-up emotions, pre conceived ideas and biases lead to deterioration in the relationships. These in turn lead to health and other difficulties if left uncorrected over a period of time. Since Pranic Healing works on the energy, using the techniques of Pranic Healing we can harmonise the energies between people and help to bring about improved relationships, love and harmony between people. Relationship healing can be used for spouses, parent and child, siblings, friends. 


Energy Facial and Skin Glows

Negative thoughts and emotions get locked in the skin in the form of ageing or problem skin. The face acts as a mirror to the inner environment and emotional condition of the body, reflecting that which we don’t comprehend. Book a slot for an energy Facial and see your skin glow. In addition to glowing skin, Pranic Facials also help with any skin problems, including but not limited to acne, scars, blemishes, pimples, pigmentation, dark circles etc. Slow down ageing of your face and receive deep psychological healing to remove stress and other negative energies from your aura and chakras. A regular energy facial along with your beauty routine ensures you continue looking your best, despite the trials and tribulations of life.


Emotional and Psychological Healing

What causes a person to be depressed? Why are some people unable to overcome an addiction? What about fears and phobia’s? Anxiety? Stress – one of the most frequently quoted factors for chronic ailments. Those who suffer from these psychologocal imbalances struggle desperately but usually unsuccessfully to rise above them. But what really causes these problems? And why are some of us more susceptible to them than others? The answers to these questions lie in the psychological aspect of the aura and chakras. Just the way the energy body affects our body, its condition also affects our mind and emotions. Balancing and harmonising the aura and chakras and removing the underlying energies which are the cause of these imbalances, restores mental peace and equilibrium to the person. Pranic Psychotherapy is a priceless tool, as more and more people acknowledge today that the cause of most ailments is an underlying psychological belief or thinking pattern.